• Abu 'Iyaad Amjad Rafiq
  • Uways at-Taweel
  • Abu Humayd Saalim Ahmed
  • Abu Khadeejah Abdul Wahid
  • AbdulHakeem Mitchell
  • Abdulilah Lahmami
  • Abu Muadh Taqweem
  • Shaykh Hassan al Banna
  • Abu Talha Dawud Burbank
  • Shaykh Zaid al Madkhali
  • Abu Idrees Muhammad
  • Rayaan Barker
  • Abu Abdullah Hassan as-Somali
  • Abul-'Abbaas Moosaa Richardson
  • Shaykh Abdul Qaadir Al Junayd
  • Shaykh Abdullah an-Najmee

Weekend Hadeeth Study! “Whoever Allah wants Good for He gives him Understanding of the Religion”...


  • Salafi Centre of Nigeria
  • Loughbourough - Markaz as Salafi
  • Al Baseerah Bradford
  • Cardiff Dawah
  • Masjid Abdul Aziz Bin Baz London
  • Masjid al Furqan - Stoke
  • Markaz Salafi Reading
  • Salafi Publications Birmingham
  • Salafi Centre Manchester

A Guide to the Sound Creed – Rayaan Barker – Stoke on Trent

This Correct Islamic Creed is Belief in Allah, in His Messengers, in His books, in His Angels, In the Last Day and in the Pre Decree - Both the good or that we see as bad. These are the most basic foundations of any Muslims' belief. And these foundations have been given to us in the Qur'an and the Sunnah. There are numerous evidences - and the Ummah has a unanimous agreement with regards to them. The following series will be updated weekly and will cover each of these. A must listen series for anyone who wants to cover the basics and foundations of his or her deen.

Weekend Hadeeth Study! “Whoever Allah wants Good for He gives him Understanding of the Religion”...

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Seek Knowledge – Immersive Arabic COurse

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