Manhaj al-Haqq of Imam as-Sa’di rahimahullah


This lecture is delivered by a known and well respected Student of knowledge from the blessed city of Madeenah. This is a six part series that details the True Methodology regarding the implementation of  the perfect religion of Allah, Islaam.  The speaker goes through a poem by a great Mufassir (explainer of the Quran), Shaykh As Sadi (May Allah have mercy on him). The Abdulillah benefitted by sitting with a noble scholar from Madeenah, Shaykh Abdur Razaaq (may Allah preserve him), who explained and discussed the poem. This is a beneficial series and the listener will be given a clear and thorough understanding of how to implement the religion of Allah, as understood by the best of mankind, the companions (Allah is pleased with them) of the Messenger of Allah (May peace and blessing be upon him).