Explanation of The Six Fundamental Principles of Islaam (Al Usool As-Sittah)

Explanation of Shaykh Muhammad Ibn Abdul Wahhaab

Taught by Ustadh AbdulHakeem Mitchell.

The First Fundamental Principle

Making the religion sincerely and purely for Allah, and an explanation of its opposite which is Shirk (association partners with Allah).

The Second Principle

Unity in the religion and the prohibition of separation.

The Third Fundamental Principle

Hearing and obeying those in authority.

The Fourth Fundamental Principle

An Explanation of what knowlege is and who the scholars are, what is Fiqh and who the Jurists are, and a clarification of the one who feigns to be from them.

The Fifth Fundamental Principle

An explanation of who the Awliyaa’ (allies) of Allah are.

The Six Fundamental Principle

A refutation of a doubt invented by the Devil to (support) the abandonment of the Quran and the Sunnah.