Recordings of the weekly lesson from Kashf ush-Shubuhaat – the book of Shaykhul Islaam Mohammed ibn Abdul Wahaab (rahimahullah).

“Know – may Allaah have mercy upon you – that tawheed is to single out Allaah – free is He from all imperfections – with (all matters of) worship. And this is the religion of the Messengers sent by Allaah to His servants.”


Lesson Notes

Lesson 1 Notes

Lesson 01 (29/02/20) brief:

  • The biography of Shaykh Mohammed ibn Abdul Wahaab
  • Today’s lesson was an Introduction into the book which is written by Shaykh Al-Fawzan.
  • Shaykh Al-Fawzan said. “Before we begin the actual book, we will speak about the author. So, the student of knowledge has an actual understanding of who the scholars are.”
Lesson 2 Notes

Kashf ush-Shubuhaat – The removal of the doubts – Lesson 02 (07/03/20)

Introduction to the book.
In the Name of Allāh, the Most Merciful, the Bestower of Mercy
Know — may Allāh have mercy upon you — that Tawhīd (Islāmic monotheism) is to single out Allāh (وتعاىل سبحانه (alone with all worship. It is the Religion of all of the Messengers whom Allāh has sent to His servants.
The first of them was Nūh (السالم عليه .(Allāh sent him to his people after they began to exaggerate in their reverence towards the righteous people: Wadd, Suwā’, Yagūth, Ya’ūq and Nasr. The last of the Messengers was Muhammad (صلى الله عليه وسلم ,(and he is the one who destroyed the depictions of these righteous men.

Today we covered:

• The basmallah
o All of the chapters of the Qu’raan start with the basmallah
o It is from the sunnah that when the Prophet ﷺ would send a letter to the people inviting them to Islam, he would always start with the basmallah
o The Scholars would always start their books with the basmallah
o I seek aid and assistance from Allaah, in whatever you are going to do
o Allaah is known as the greatest name of Allaah – The one who is worshipped
o Ar Rahman Ar Raheem – these are the names of Allaah and from them comes mercy
o Allaah has more than 99 names – The Prophet ﷺ has told us in a hadeeth that He has more than 99 names.
• An introduction from Shaykh Muhammad ibn Abdul Wahhab
o Have knowledge of this book and may Allaah have mercy upon you
o Tawhid is to single out Allaah alone with worship
 Tawhid Al – Uloohiyyah (Worship) -Tawhid it is to single Allaah in all forms of worship.
 Tawhid Ar Rububiyyah (Lordship)– Allaah is the only true creator, sustainer, planner and the only one that gives life and death of all that exits.
 Tawhid al Asma Was Sifaat (The names and attributes of Allaah) – To believe and affirm to the names and attributes of Allaah taught to us in the Qu’raan and the authentic sunnah
o Tawhid is the religion of all of the messengers that were sent by Allaah.
o Nuh was the first of the Messengers to be sent with the call of worshipping Allaah alone
• Q&A session

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