‘Benefits from ‘Ar Radd ‘alā Bishr Al Mirrīsi’ of Imām Ad Dārimi’

Abu Hakeem

This was one of the great scholars of his time. His teachers included Imam Ahmed ibn Hanbal. His students were the like of Ibn Khuzaymah and Abul Abbas as-Sijzee.

Bish al-Mareesi (no shaddah on the R, the people of Marees would pronounce it like that). He is from between the borders of Egypt and Sudan. His forefathers were from the freed slaves of Zayd ibn Khattaab. His father was a Jew, and was dispraised by the Jews of the time, because of his corruption of the Torah. He was described as being dishevelled and wearing dirty clothing.

Many of the scholars made takfeer of him, based on his distortions of the Book of Allah.

Abu Hakeem gives a brief bio of Bishr al-Mareesi and then refutes his misguided creed. He then brings a number of benefits from this book refuting the innovated beliefs of Bishr al-Mareesi.

Recorded LIVE at the Manchester Summer Conference 2019 on 23/6/19 by the Salafi Centre of Manchester.

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