A full day conference in South Manchester on the topic of Terrorism and Extremism  by learnaboutislam.co.uk, in which through a series of lectures the truth that terrorism is not permissible nor legislated in Islam will be clarified.


  • The origins of extremist ideology
  • Deviations leading to extremism & terrorism
  • Rebuttal of groups who promote extremism


1.Islam Forbids Extremism and Commands Gentleness by Uways at-Taweel


2. Clarifying the Doubts of the Khawaarij by Dr Abdulilah Lahmami


3. The Historical Roots of al-Qaida and ISIS by Abu Iyad Amjad Rafiq


4. The Islamic Condemnation of Extremism and Terrorist Ideologies by Abu Khadeejah


5. Ignorance and its effect on terrorism.