Covering Traits of the Fitrah (Natural Disposition):

The Messenger of Allah said,

“The Fitrah is 5.”

  1. Circumcision
  2. Shaving private areas
  3. Trimming Moustache
  4. Clipping Nails
  5. Removing Hair from the Armpits (Sahih Muslim).
  • With regards, these affairs, excluding circumcision, a person should not go beyond 40 days, without fulfilling; excluding the trimming of the moustache for the woman. If goes beyond 40 days then the scholars say this is opposing the sunnah (if a person forgot or was lazy) and a person may fall into haram if he or she were resembling the non-Muslims, for e.g. men or women growing their nails in resemblance to non-Muslims.
  • Plucking of the Eyebrows is not allowed, rather it is forbidden and is from the Major Sins.
  • Proof it is from the Major Sins is the fact there is a mention of L’an (curse) in the hadeeth, as the scholars have explained.
  • There are certain exceptions to the plucking of an eyebrow IF there was a need; for e.g. if instead of two they join to form one eyebrow. (Unibrow)
  • Shaving part of the hair and leaves part.
  • Not obligatory to circumcise females, rather it is recommended, not correct to force and more so if it leads to harm, in this case would be haram and waajib to refrain.

Lesson taken from the series: The Explanation of Fiqh.