In this talk to the children of our Saturday School, Abu Iyaad discusses the stages of life:

Stage 1 – age 0 until 7
Stage 2 – age 7 until 15
Stage 3 – age 15 until 40

Stage 1 – play and exploration at this stage you have no responsibilities.

Stage 2 – learning for the future. You learn to prepare to become independent from your parents, and become full adults. You should spend more time with your parents to learn from them.
Parents should teach their children, especially Tawheed.

Stage 3 – the most important part of your life. The main part of your life where you will be tested by Allah.

You start to notice changes in your body. You know what is right from wrong and you will be held accountable for your deeds.

Shaykh Fawzaan said there are 4 things you should focus on by the time you are 15:

1. Parents must teach about Tawheed
2. Learn in detail about the religion in a systematic manner
3. Learn a skill or trade so that you can support yourself and your family.
4. Learn about manners

Abu Iyaad explains these 4 points in detail

Questions from the children:

Are there any more stages after the age of 40?
What should single parent families do?
What should orphans do?
What if you are deafblind?


Recorded LIVE at The Salafi Centre of Manchester