The Prophet (salallahu alayhi wasallam) advised us to utilise 5 things wisely before they are replaced with another 5:

Our youth before we reach old age. Youth is the time when we have energy and strength to worship Allah to the best of our ability, as when we are older we may not be able to stand in salah or fast during Ramadhan. The Prophet (salallahu alayhi wasallam) said that we will all be questioned regarding his youth and how we spent it: “A person will remain standing before Allah until he is questioned regarding 4 things, from them being his youth and how he spent it.” From the 7 people who are shaded by Allah on the Day of Judgement is the person who spent his youth worshipping Allah so we should strive during our youth.

Our  health before we become ill. When we are ill our bodies are weakened, and we are unable to worship Allah in the same manner as if we were in good health. Therefore it is upon us as Muslims to make sacrifices in order to preserve our health so we can worship Allah to the best of our ability.

Our wealth before we become poor. Wealth is a blessing from Allah and so we should use it to please the one who gave it to us. When we die, we will leave our wealth behind, so we should not have the desire to accumulate it. Rather, we should spend it in the way of Allah.

Our free time before we become preoccupied. Usually, it is the case that we have more free time when we are younger. we should utilise this time to learn our religion,memorise the Quran and understand it so we can implement it.

Our life before our death comes. Inevitably, death will overtake all of us. Many of us forget and are not preparing for our hereafter. Every soul shall taste death, so let us prepare for it with righteous actions so we are among the successful ones.