The Origins and Rise of the Ash’ari Creed

Abu Khadeejah

Ustaadh Abu Khadeejah traces back the creed of the Ash’arees to ibn Kulaab (d. 240 AH). He lived in the same era as Imam Ahmed ibn Hanbal (d. 241 AH). The majority of Muslims today are upon this creed.

The companions never differed in Aqeedah or the foundations of the religion. He explains how their creed came about and how this links with the beliefs common among Muslims today.

Abul Hassan al-Ash’ari (d. 329 AH) whom the Ash’arees ascribe themselves to, was a Mu’tazilee until the age of 40. He then adopted the ideology of the Kullaabiyah. Jahm ibn Safwaan and Ja’d ibn Dirham the predecessors of ibn Kullaab were so extreme that they were executed due to their extreme believes.

Abu Khadeejah gives details of their deviations and explains how they are all linked.

Abul Hassan al-Ash’aree later started to seek knowledge, and after studying from the hanbalis he repented and returned to the Sunnah. This is the belief that he died upon, as he stated himself in his books and so did his companions.

In fact, the Ash’arees take the belief of Ash’aree when he was upon the way of the Kullaabiyah. In fact, they even adopted the original ideas of the Mu’tazila and Jahmiyyah that even ibn Kullaab refuted.

Recorded LIVE at the Manchester Summer Conference 2019 on 23/6/19 by the Salafi Centre of Manchester

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