As indicated by the hadeeth of Jaabir Ibn Abdillah, it is allowed to break the fasting whilst travelling- as the Prophet Sallallaahu Alayhi Wa Sallam was given a bowl of water, while stopped on a journey of travelling, and drank it in front of his companions.


Is it better to break the fast or continue fasting while travelling?

“Allaah loves that you take the ease that He gives you”; so, some Scholars use this to say you should take the concession. Other Scholars say it’s better to fast, because fasting is an obligation and, generally, the earlier you fulfil an obligation, the better; so, you should hasten to fulfil the obligation rather than delay it.


We’ve now come across the following category of people allowed to miss fasting:

  • Travellers: this individual must make the fast up
  • Elderly people: fidya – the elderly person feeds a poor person for every day they’ve missed
  • Sick people*: this individual must make the fast up if it’s a temporary illness where you’re expected to recover. With an illness that’s not expected to recover, fidya is upon this person.

*Sick people- a sick person is allowed to miss fasting if it would cause significant pain; or, by fasting, the recovery time will take longer.

  • A menstruating woman/ a woman with post-natal bleeding: the woman makes the fast up
  • A pregnant/breastfeeding woman: there is a difference of opinion whether they must make the fast up or give fidya


Ustaadh Abu Muadh also discusses whether kissing is allowed or not whilst fasting, and what the individual must do if he/she commits intercourse whilst fasting.


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