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Being A Good Muslim | Tarbiyyah Programme For The Youth | Abu Humayd Saalim Ahmed

Another great lecture by our teacher Abu Humayd Saalim as part of the Tarbiyyah For Youth...

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Fearing the Evil Eye – Shaykh Abdul-Azeez ibn Baz

Shaykh bin Baz answers a very important question in relation to fearing the evil eye.

Question: Is it allowed to lie fearing the evil eye, a girl says that her grades were “Jayyid Jiddan” (very good) in her examination results, and (in reality) her grade was “Mumtaaz” (Excellent) on her certificate, (she did this) fearing the evil eye.

Do not lie, this is lying, clarify the reality and there is no harm, all praises belong to Allah, depend and put your trust in Allah and it will not harm her.

Watch the video for the full answer of the Shaykh!

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Taking Islamic Knowledge From The Right People – Abu Humayd Saalim

A CENTRAL MANCHESTER DAWAH EVENT! Taking Islamic Knowledge From The Right People! TOPICS COVERED:...

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What is Islam | Rayaan Barker | Manchester

This is the first of two talks held at the Central Manchester Dawah Event in South Manchester on Friday 14th of April 2017.
Ustadh Rayaan discusses;
• The fact the purpose of life is to worship Allaah and the definition of worship, linguistically and legislatively.
• How shaytaan tricked a nation into falling into shirk for the very first time, Prophet Nuh Alayhis Salaam was then sent to that very nation to call them back to Tawheed.
• The nature of all the religions of the Prophets and Messengers being one, calling to Tawheed.
• The reality of the people having free will and weakness in their heart, despite Allaah blessing us with intellect and a natural disposition to worship their Lord alone.
• The Prophet Sallallaahu Alayhi Wa Sallam called the people to the fundamental message of Islam (Tawheed) for 13 years highlighting to us the importance of it.
• The Mushrikeen at the time of the Prophet affirmed the Ruboobiyyah (Lordship) of Allaah Subhaanahu wa Ta’aalah, but they had misconceptions and doubts in their minds regarding the other false deities they used to worship. Their justifications of shirk were rebuked by Allaah in the Quran.
• Even the Mushrikin understood the true meaning of the Shaahadah, that “There is no deity worthy of worship, in truth, except Allaah”. This is why they refused to declare it, they were not willing to abandon their false deities.
• The nature of this dunya, being a place of trials and tribulations. What is upon us is to stick to the legislation of Allaah and His Messenger Sallallaahu Alayhi Wa Sallam.
• What are the sources of our religion?
• How the Prophet Sallallaahu Alayhi Wa Sallam would forbid certain things whilst the companions were new to Islam, to strengthen their Tawheed first before allowing those same things for a wisdom (e.g. visiting the graves).
• The plot of shaytaan to direct the people to making dua to others by making them think their dua won’t be answered due to their sins.
• Where does rectification of the heart lie?
• Some distinguishing features of this religion, including;
o Preservation of the sources of our religion
o Specific acts of worship established throughout the day
o Guiding to the middle path in all affairs
o Encouraging justice for muslims and non muslims
o And others

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Question and Answer Session | Abu Khadeejah

In this question and answer session from the Middlesbrough Islamic Conference 2010, Ustaadh Abu Khadeejah answers questions on various important topics.

Ustaadh begins by giving advice on ways in which a woman can find a husband. He emphasises the importance of being strict with regards to who you marry; that you marry a man who is righteous, upon the Sunnah and following the way of the Salaf. Also, that one must remain patient when tested with such a trial.

The following are the questions that were posed to Ustaadh Abu Khadeejah with the corresponding minute marker from the audio:

Q1. Can you offer some advice on ways in which a woman is able to find a husband, when a family have done all they can and the woman is left single and with no options? [0:07]

Q2. If a Christian man needs to marry a Muslim sister and told that he would have to change his religion for her sake, is it acceptable in Islam? Is there any way that could help the man focus upon Islam and not on the woman? [2:00]

Q3. What is the situation of a man who kicks his pregnant wife? [26:40]

Q4. What do you say about a man who wants his unborn child to be a boy and he tells his wife that if it is a girl he will leave her? [28:59]

Listen to the full audio to benefit from this truly beneficial question and answer session.

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