The Deviations of the Brelwis in their Translations of the Qur’an; & its opposition to the creed of the sahaabah, their students & the imaams of Sunnah

Abdulilah Lahmaami

Dr Abdulilah Lahmami looks at two Brelwi translations of the Qur’an to expose the deviations in their beliefs. He brings narrations from the Messenger of Allah and from the companions and their followers to refute their doubts and creed.

Among the issues he refutes:

  •           Their misinterprations of the word of Tawheed, Laa ilaaha illallah
  •           The misconception that the prophet was a light
  •           The names and attributes of Allah
  •           Their misconception that Allah is everywhere

and many more

Recorded LIVE at the Manchester Summer Conference 2019 on 23/6/19 by the Salafi Centre of Manchester

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