During the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic, ustaadh Abdulilah delivered an excellent talk reminding us of the Tawheed of Allah.

In this talk Ustadh Abdulilah urges the Muslims to return back to Allah and to their natural disposition of being upon a pure monotheistic religion; and worshipping Allah alone. This will be the cure to many people’s worries and anxieties in such a testing time.

There can be no doubt that the current situation of the COVID-19 virus pandemic; cannot be surmounted because it is from the will of Allah – however a Muslim in such challenging times knows that it is his Lord who is the most powerful and wise. And when he allows such things to occur it is a direct consequence of the actions of humanity.

Dr Abdulilah further goes on to warn against taking lucky charms, amulets and relying on others religiously in attempts to cure or protect oneself. This is associating partners with Allah, and in times of hardship a Muslim should return back to Allah; lest all his suffering is in vain because he commuted shirk.

Recorded online on 22/3/2020 and streamed live SunnahRadio.Net