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Question and Answer Session | Abu Khadeejah

In this question and answer session from the Middlesbrough Islamic Conference 2010, Ustaadh Abu Khadeejah answers questions on various important topics.

Ustaadh begins by giving advice on ways in which a woman can find a husband. He emphasises the importance of being strict with regards to who you marry; that you marry a man who is righteous, upon the Sunnah and following the way of the Salaf. Also, that one must remain patient when tested with such a trial.

The following are the questions that were posed to Ustaadh Abu Khadeejah with the corresponding minute marker from the audio:

Q1. Can you offer some advice on ways in which a woman is able to find a husband, when a family have done all they can and the woman is left single and with no options? [0:07]

Q2. If a Christian man needs to marry a Muslim sister and told that he would have to change his religion for her sake, is it acceptable in Islam? Is there any way that could help the man focus upon Islam and not on the woman? [2:00]

Q3. What is the situation of a man who kicks his pregnant wife? [26:40]

Q4. What do you say about a man who wants his unborn child to be a boy and he tells his wife that if it is a girl he will leave her? [28:59]

Listen to the full audio to benefit from this truly beneficial question and answer session.

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