Prepare for your death – as everyone will taste it. The Propet (sallahualayhiwasallam) said “Live in this world as though you are a stranger or a traveller”. This is an important advice – as we should be refocusing ourselves on the hereafter.
A stranger is a person who resides in a strange land and it is not their homeland. They maybe there just to take their provision – but will return back to their homeland. And a traveller is someone who is constantly moving to get to a destination. So we should be one of these two types of people. We should not completely busy ourselves with this dunya – instead we should get what we need and focus on the hereafter; and arriving there in the best situation.

Be A Stranger In This World

by Rayaan Barker | Khutbah – Masjid Furqan - Stoke on Trent

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