The Key to Paradise!


The Key to Paradise

Understanding the Shahadah: La ilaha illAllah

Explanation of Shaykh al-Allamah Ubayd al-Jaabiree
Lesson By Abu Muaadh Taqweem Aslam

  • Brand New 10 Week Course with Worksheets.
  • Broadcast on
  • Both Men’s and Women’s side open.

We will begin a new course which will be over a period of 10 weeks, starting 22nd of November and every Saturday after inshaa allah. Wherein we will study and learn the correct understanding and implications of the Shahaadah: Laa ilaha illa Allah, this course is ideal for new Muslims, a reminder for others and will be suitable for the young and old, those new to Salafiyyah and those who have been Salafi for a while. This is an extremely important topic for all Muslims as the Shahaadah is the key to Jannah and every key has teeth; so to know what these teeth (conditions) are, we must learn and study them. We will provide worksheets online and to those present in the Masjid to aid the learning process, inshaa allah.

We pray you are able to attend and benefit from the upcoming course. Don’t hesitate in calling friends and families to attend and listen, who knows if it will be this action of yours  and the knowledge learnt  which will tip the scales in your favour on the day of resurrection.

Click Here to Download the Key-To-Paradise WORKBOOK

For the Arabic Sharh of Shaykh Ubayd – Click Here


  • [22/11/14] Introduction and the first condition: Knowledge – Lesson 1
  • [29/11/14] Completion of the first condition: Knowledge – Lesson 2
  • [13/12/14] Completion of the second condition: Certainty – Lesson 3
  • [20/12/14] Completion of the third condition: Sincerity – Lesson 4
  • [27/12/14] Completion of the fourth condition: Truthfulness – Lesson 5
  • [03/01/15] Completion of the fifth condition: Love – Lesson 6
  • [10/01/15] Completion of the sixth condition: Submission – Lesson 7
  • [17/01/15] Completion of the seventh condition: Acceptance – Lesson 8