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Subscribe to our podcast feed and never miss a talk!

How does it work?

The podcast is a quick and simple method for getting all our talks instantly via Apple iTunes and works on any device with a podcast app: iPhone, iPad, Android Phone, Android Tablet, Windows 7, 8 and 10 PC (apps or iTunes Program) and more. Once subscribed to our channel, the latest episodes will download to your device automatically if you choose, or on demand, by clicking download. You can then listen anywhere you go – in the house, in the car and on the move.

How to subscribe

Subscribing is easy. Just make sure you have a podcast app on your device of your choosing, then simply Click Here or search Learn About Islam in the app. This will bring up our list, and allow you to subscribe. The screenshots below show this process on an iPad or iPhone using the built in Podcast app.




Android has a rich ecosystem of apps that you can choose from.

Choose your app, then search for “Learn About Islam” and then select subscribe. You can choose to automatically have all talks downloaded when connected to WiFi or to download on demand only.

To avoid seeing inappropriate ads, we recommend buying an app. They often cost around £2 as a one off but give a better experience, avoid battery drain and ads.

Some apps that we recommend

  • Pocket casts (paid – but recommended, no ads simple interface)
  • Castbox (free)
  • Stitcher (free with ads – paid ad free option available)
  • Podcast addict (free with ads)
  • TuneIn (free with ads – paid ad free option available)
  • + many many more



Google Play Podcasts

This is currently only availabe in the US.  You can sign up by tapping on “Podcasts” in the menu / sidebar and search for “Learn About Islam”.

Then tap on the 3 buttons and select “subscribe”, this will give you the option to be notified everytime a new lecture / lesson is uploaded. You can also choose to download them automatically (on WiFi).


Although google play podcast isn’t available outside the US- you can still access it using a simple and free VPN.

You can use Windscribe VPN (Free Account). But this is just to activate this facility. After that the VPN isn’t needed.

Disclaimer: Windscribe VPN is one of many VPNs available and you can select whichver is suited. This is not an endorsement, just a means to activate the PODCAST features on an Android Device.

Once you have set up the VPN and signed into a US server, go to settings in the menu / sidebar and tap “refresh”

This will then insert the “podcasts” section into your sidebar and you can search for “Learn About Islam” as above