Ustadh Abdul Hakeem (hafidahullah)discusses the importance of guarding and safeguarding one’s time.

Shaykh ibn Baz (rahimahullah) said, “Time is more valuable than gold itself.”

This shows us the importance of time because it is a commodity which will aid us in our hereafter.

In safeguarding and utlising our time there are affairs which we must recognise and utilise in order to aid us in using our time well.

• Worship of Allah – The Purpose of our Creation

Ibn Kathir (Rahimahullah):

“Allah created his servants to worship Him alone without any partners, so whoever obeys Allah with this command then Allah will grant them the best of rewards and whoever disobeys Him Allah will punish him with the most severe of punishments.Allah informs us that he is not in need of the servants, he created his servants, rather they are in need of him (subhanahu)in all of their affairs for indeed Allah is the one who created them and he is the one that gives them sustenance. End of speech

• Good Companionship

Spend your time with companionship that will aid you upon good.

The Messenger (sallallaahu alaihi wa salam) said,

“The person is upon the religion of his companion, so look to whom you take as your companion.”

Have companionship which aids you in worshipping Allah, participating in that which brings you benefit, enjoins the good and forbids the evil, the time you spend with him is one of benefit, seeking beneficial knowledge and acting upon it, reminding one another of Allah, a companion who wants Jannah for you just as he wants for himself.

Anas ibn malik (radiaAllahu anhu) The Prophet (sallallaahu alaihi wa salam) said,

“One of you does not truly believe until he loves for his brother that which he loves for himself.”

• Righteous Actions and Exertion upon them

Do not fill ones time with the actions which are haram and actions which Allah subhanahu disapproves of, it is important to recognise that the worldly life is the place of cultivation for the aakhirah, this is where the seeds are laid down, which we seek to harvest and benefit from in the hereafter. Therefore, if a person does not exert themselves upon good, what will he have to harvest in the aakhirah?

Umar ibn abdul Azeez said, “indeed the night and the day they work for you, they are in your service so work for them. Ie take advantage of them, take advanatgae of the actions of the night and the actions of the day.”

Abu Hurayrah (radiAllahu anhu) said he and other from the companions would split their night into three, 1/3 for sleep, 1/3 for revision of hadeeth and 1/3 for the worship of Allah (night prayer, supplication etc).

Your life in this world is not eternal, so take benefit of it while you can.