Allah bless you, Eminent Shaykh, she is asking about female students in Year 1, Year 2 and Year 3 (ages 6-8) , and she says; verily they don’t perform the prayer as it is obligated?

Shaykh ibn Baz (rahimahullah):

Teaching is a must, it’s a must to instruct the female and male students all of them. It is upon the teacher (male and female) to instruct and advise. It is not only obligatory to teach, with teaching is another affair and it is instructing, advising and righteous cultivation. So the teacher teaches the children the prayer, teaches them noble manners, and warns them from lowly despicable manners, such as lying, showing off, backbiting, slandering, cursing, reviling and the likes of that.

This is how the teacher teaches the students noble manners and encourages them with the prayer, with honesty and preserving the tongue from that which is unbefitting.

This is what is befitting for the teacher, it is befitting for the teacher that his teaching of them is alongside advice and instruction, in statement and action.

Allah bless you.