Shaykh Salih al-Fawzaan answers two very important questions, in relation to how the Salaf prepared for the great month of Ramadhaan. A much needed reminder for us all.

Question: What was the state of the Salaf – may Allah be pleased with them and have mercy upon them – in preparing for this great month? What was their guidance? What was their way and example?

The second matter: Your Excellency, Shaykh, how should a Muslim prepare to take advantage of these days and nights that he is living in right now? Preparing with knowledge, knowing the regulations of fasting, knowing [the matters that] break it and their important rulings. Many people are unaware of this and do not educate themselves in the matters of fasting. They also do not learn the necessary jurisprudence (fiqh) of fasting, would the shaykh, may Allah preserve him, highlight this matter? Thank you and may Allah reward you.

The state of the Salaf [in Ramadhaan] is as has been recorded in the books with authentically narrated chains of trustworthy individuals, was that they used to ask Allah to allow them to reach Ramadhaan before it began. They used to ask Allah to Allow them to reach the month of Ramadhaan, because of the great good and vast benefits they know it contains.

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