We move onto the rulings of menstruation and postnatal bleeding.

A question was put forth: A woman has continuous bleeding and it either continues for the whole month or for the majority of the month. Is this considered as continuous bleeding or menstrual bleeding (as they both have different rulings)?

The woman who has continuous bleeding has three situations:
1) When a woman knows the regular duration of her menstrual period. In this case the woman gives up her prayer for the duration that she would normally be upon her period.

2) When a woman doesn’t have a regular duration of time for her menstrual period, but her bleeding is always distinguishable. In this case the woman leaves off prayer for the duration she sees the menstrual blood.

3) When a woman has neither a regular menstrual period, nor distinguishable signs of menstrual blood; in this case the woman leaves off the prayer for what is average for the women, i.e. an average of six or seven days a month.

Obligatory acts to be observed by a woman with continuous bleeding in case she is deemed to be ritually pure:

1) She has to take a ritual bath when her menstrual blood is deemed to be over.
2) She has to wash her vulva upon every performance of prayer, and places a piece of cotton or the like over the area to prevent bleeding, tie it well so as not to fall, and perform ablution for every prayer.

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