Women in Islam Conference

Islam shows care and attention to the family. A society consists of families and families consist of individuals. Just as a building is built on a foundations, society is built on its foundations – individuals and families.

Islam commands both husband and wife that they treat each other in a good befitting manner, with mercy and kindness. They are the foundation of the family.

Indeed Allah is with those who have taqwa and those who do good. (surah: verse). This is not complete until both husband and wife fulfil their rights.

A husband and wife should discuss their expectations of each other and their roles. This will avoid crossing each other.

The home should be built on tawheed, imaan, the remembrance of Allah and seeking knowledge in order to be successful. By this, they will attain Allah’s pleasure.

From the best of ways to remind each other is to seek knowledge and to share it. The man who goes to the masjid to seek knowledge should take his family with him. If he can’t, he should share it with them when they go home.

Knowledge is also the right of the women and the children – that they are taught correct Islamic teachings.

“The best of you are the best of you to your wives and I am the best to my wives.” – this hadith is a clear indication that a man should treat his wife well.

“The most complete of the believers in imaan are those who are best in manners and the best of you are those of you who are the best with their womanfolk.”

Both husband and wife should continuously make dua to have righteous children – even before they are blessed with children. This is the example of the messengers.


Recorded at the Salafi Centre of Manchester on 21/4/2017 and streamed LIVE on SunnahRadio