The first lesson of our Ramadan 2017 series

• When was Fasting was made obligatory?
• How long did the Prophet fasted in Ramadhan?

Linguistically Sawm (fasting) means to withhold or restrain yourself from doing something.

Islamically Sawm (fasting) means “to withhold from specific things with an intention from the true dawn until sunset”

• What is the difference between the true and false dawns?
• The wisdoms behind fasting:
o That you may gain piety
o A realisation of the blessings of Allah upon you
o Purification of oneself
o It aids you in developing patience and defeating the shaytaan

o The ruling of starting the fast
 The day of doubt
 The hadith of Abu Harairah
 Following a Muslim country when starting the fast

Recorded LIVE at the Salafi Centre of Manchester and streamed LIVE on SunnahRadio on 6/5/17