Modern day Takfeeris | Abdulilah Lahmami

Ustadh Abdulilah Lahmami starts off the talk by explaining two things:

(1) Security comes with Tawheed, guidance comes with tawheed, i.e. worshiping Allah alone and keeping away from his disobedience.

(2) Insecurity comes with ignorance, shirk, bidah and sins.

Sheikh uthaymeen mentioned that ignorance can be an excuse for a person who falls into a matter of disbelief or falls into kufr as he might not have knowledge of the affair.

Ustadh Abdulilah then mentions that you can not removes a muslim from Islam unless he has to intended the act of disbelief and has knowledge of it and is not ignorant. In opposition to the takfeeris who freely remove Muslims from Islam without due right.

Sheikh Abdurrahman As- Sa’di said if you want complete security you have to be on upon tawheed and keep away from disobedience.

– Tawheed will keep you away from shirk
– Obedience removes one from disobedience and will give you complete security

As for the one who is upon tawheed but is in disobedience he will gain security but not complete security.

The Sheikh then mentions the worst of them and the last of them is the one who is not upon tawheed, rather he is upon shirk and further disobeys Allah, this person has no security in reality.

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