We begin with a recap of the previous lesson.

We can know menstrual blood through four signs:

  • The colour. The menstrual blood is usually dark red, close to maroon.
  • The thickness of it. The menstrual blood is thick.
  • The smell of it. The smell of menstrual blood is somewhat foul.
  • The solidification. The blood of menstruation doesn’t solidify.


There are two signs of a woman purifying:

  • A clean white discharge
  • The stopping of blood


The menstruating woman, or the woman going through postnatal bleeding, if she stops her bleeding before sunset, it is upon her to pray dhuhr and asr of that day. Whoever from the woman purifies before Fajr, it is upon her to pray Maghrib and Isha. This is because the time of the second prayer is the time of the first prayer in the situation of an excuse.


If the time for prayer comes in, and then a woman starts menstrual blood, or postnatal bleeding starts and she bleeds before she prays, the stronger position is that she doesn’t have to make up that prayer.