Islam came to preserve 5 matters:

1) Religion –
2) Intellect
3) Honour of the people
4) Wealth
5) Life

The one who causes corruption in these 5 matters is faced with a severe punishment.

The sanctity of life is something well established in the religion. This talk goes through some of the rulings that apply to the muslim who kills accidentally, whether the one that he killed be a muslim or a non muslim. Likewise what the rulings are upon those who kill intentionally, for the muslim and the non muslim. Ustadh also clarifies that all of the rulings that are to be implemented, are only done so in the lands of the muslims under the authority of the muslim rulers and it is not to be implemented by whomsoever wishes to take the law into their own hands!

Our teacher goes on to clarify the reality of some of the mosques in this day and age, who will allow extremists to take the platform and teach the people their poison, and they will not clarify to the people the reality of these twisted ideologies. Up until the events occur and now with the media surrounding them they free themselves from these acts. But where were they in the months and years prior to the acts?

Ustadh Abu Humayd explains the false nature of the arguments of the terrorists and the incorrect use of proofs and evidences from the Qur’an and Sunnah that they try to use to bring doubts to the people. For example, they attempt to justify killing women and children.

The talk rounds off with some tell tale signs of the extremists, how you can identify them from their speech, busying themselves with the affairs of the rulers, and from their associations (who do they promote, what actions do they promote, etc).