The Friday Khutbah on The Khawaarij (an extreme and violent sect in Islam) and the doubts they use to twist the religion to poison the youth to carry out atrocities in both Muslim and Non Muslim lands.

Allah the Most High, created mankind to worship him Alone. And He honoured mankind with much blessings over other creatures.

A Muslim living in this country is in an agreement of peace with the people here. We may differ in ideology but we live in an agreement of peace between us.

What occurred in Manchester then this is not Jihad in the path of Allah. Because the perpetrator killed innocent women and children… and not not only did he kill others but he also killed himself.

So as there is a punishment for killing others unintentionally; then likewise killing oneself is also prohibited in Islam. Allah says “and do not throw yourselves into destruction by killing or harming yourselves”.

And the messenger of Allah said “and whoever kills him self by throwing himself off a mountain, will continue to do so in the hell fire. And whosoever kills himself with drinking poison will be handed that and he will do so repeatedly in the hellfire. And whoever kills himself with a knife or a sword will do so in the hell fire.”

There is no war between Muslims and non Muslims this day that is carried out under a ruler at this moment. And the messenger of Allah also had treaties with the non Muslims (at the treaty of Hudaybiyyah).

So how do the khawaarij use the book of Allah and Sunnah to twist it and being doubts to the hearts of the Muslim youth? What are their doubts and how can we understand them according to the proper understanding upon the method of the salaf? Who are the group the ikhwaan al Muslimeen and those masaajid that support them? How have they contributed to the spread of this ideology.

Listen to the talk to find out and learn more.

“Excerpt: the one who kills a soul without right, its as though he has killed all of mankind; and preserving a soul it’s as though he preserved all of mankind.

A Muslim does not kill another Muslim. And a Muslim does not kill the non Muslims with which he has an agreement. But in both cases of an accidental death occurs then the one who did so should pay blood money and the payment of freeing a slave.

As for the one who kills the non Muslim intentionally – with whom there’s an agreement with of peace- then he will not smell the fragrance of paradise – “even though ts fragrance can be smelt from a distance of 40 years””