The statements of the Prophet, peace be upon him, have been preserved word for word in the language it came in.

The Testification of faith, Laa illaaha illa Allaah, was mentioned commonly by the Prophet Sallallaahu Alayhi Wa sallam and is frequently on the tongue of the Muslim. These few words are the most important words a person could ever say in this life. These words, are not restricted to the Prophet of Islam, rather they are the words of all of the Prophets and the Messengers.

These words, in short known as “Tawheed”, mean to single out Allaah in worship.

As Muslims, we believe we are a creation and we have a Creator. This creation is that which points towards a Creator.

Our natural disposition directs us to believing in The Creator.

The speakers also discusses the beliefs of the Atheists and Christians and how a Muslim should respond to them.

It’s mentioned in the Quran that Jesus said to his people:

“Whoever associates partners with God, Allaah has made forbidden for him Paradise”

Allaah says:

“Allaah does not forgive that partners are set up besides Him, but he forgives what is lesser than that”

Recorded at Gloucester and streamed LIVE on Sunnah Radio.

Courtesy of our Salafi brothers in Gloucester.