Sahih al-Bukhari – The Book of Tawheed – Lesson 13 (18/02/17)


Chapter 7: The Statement of Allah: “And He is the All-Mighty, the All-Wise.” (Ibrahim 14:4). “Glorified be your Lord, the Lord of Honour and Power! “(As-Saffat 37:180) “Honour, power and glory belong to Allâh and His Messenger”. (Al-Munafiqun 63:8) and the one who swears by the Honour and Power of Allah and His attributes.

Today we covered:

• Recap from last lesson – regarding the attributes of Allah.
• The names of Allah: al-‘Aziz and al-Hakeem

The names of Allah: al-‘Aziz and al-Hakeem

Hadith 1

on the authority of Ibn ‘Abbas: The Prophet used to say, “I seek refuge (with YOU) by Your ‘Izzat, None has the right to be worshipped but You Who does not die while the Jinns and the human beings die.

• The names of each of the narrators and what the scholars said about them.
• Who is ibn ‘Abbaas?
• Who is al-‘Abbaas?
• This hadith is a proof of the ‘Izzah of Allah.
• In the previous lesson we covered the three different types of ‘Izzah.

Hadith 2

Narrated by Anas: The Prophet said, “The people will be thrown into Hell ( Fire) and it will keep on saying, ‘Is there any more?’ till the Lord of the worlds puts His Foot over it. Whereupon its different sides will come close to each other, and it will say, ‘Qad! Qad! (enough! enough!) By Your ‘Izzat (Honor and Power) and YOUR KARAM (Generosity)!’ Paradise will remain spacious enough to accommodate more people until Allah will create some more people and let them dwell in the superfluous space of Paradise. ”

Benefit – one should not be rocking forward and backward when reading Qur’an and mutoon because it is a characteristic of the Jews.

• The names of the narrators and what the scholars mention about them.
• This hadith affirms a number of attributes of Allah.
• The People of Sunnah affirm the attributes of Allah such as His Foot as mentioned in the hadith and they do not interpret or reject them.
• What do we say about those who ask excessive questions?
• An important discussion surrounding the wisdom behind the stance of the People of Sunnah regarding the names and attributes of Allah.

Extra benefit: Shaykh Abdurrazaaq has a treatise on the narration of Imam Maalik when a man asked him about the attributes of Allah.

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