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13 – Major sins – Abu Humayd Saalim | Manchester

The previous lessons covered what the Muslim should come with, this lesson covers what the muslim should free themselves from. Ustaadh Abu Humayd begins by mentioning the seven deadly sins narrated by Abu Hurayrah in Saheeh Al-Bukhari and Saheeh Al-Muslim. The seven deadly sins: Shirk with Allaah magic killing someone unrightfully consuming the wealth of the orphan taking up usury fleeing from the battlefield wrongly accusing the chaste believing women of adultery Also, from the major sins is: disobedience to the parents severing the ties of kinship false testimony to harm the neighbour to oppress people and transgress against...

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16 – Explanation of Fiqh – Abu Humayd Saalim | Manchester

In this lesson, Abu Humayd Saalim discusses the issue of wiping over the turban. Wiping over the turban is allowed under two conditions: The turban must be covering the area of the head which is traditionally covered. The turban must be wrapped round the lower jaw up to the head, one or more than one turn, or to be with a back tail. The permissibility of wiping over the turban in ablution is stated in many ahadith that the Prophet Salallaahu Alayhi Wa Sallam wiped over his head during ablution. To illustrate, ‘Umar Ibnul-khattab (may Allaah be pleased with...

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