The things we wash are three types:

  • Squeezable things such as clothes, so they must be wrung out after washing.
  • Unsqueezable things such as leather and the like, so they have to be overturned during washing.
  • Things that can neither be wrung out nor overturned; such things have to be washed, scrubbed and then pressed with a heavy object until most of the water dries.


If the young boy that has not yet reached maturity, and may still be breast-fed, has urinated on your garment, you should sprinkle water.

However, if the baby girl urinates on the garment, then it must be washed.


There are three kinds of impure objects:

  • Major impure objects, such as the impurity of the dog.
  • Minor impure objects, such as the urine of the infant.
  • Modern impure objects, which include all other impure objects.


Those animals that are edible, their urine and manure is pure. So, if their urine or manure reaches an individual’s garment, it remains pure and does not need to be washed over.


There is complete consensus over four types of impurity:

  • The dead animal, which wasn’t slaughtered, from the land.
  • The flesh of the pig
  • Continuous amount of a person’s blood
  • The defecation of a human

The majority, but not all Scholars also hold that alcohol is impure.

Everything else that has not been mentioned has a difference of opinion.