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Lesson 2 – Ramadhaan Workshop 2018 | Abu Muadh Taqweem | Salafi Centre Manchester

  “Whomsoever does not leave false speech and actions upon it, and foolishness, then Allaah has no need for that person to leave his food and drink.” This narration highlights that fasting is not simply to experience hunger.   There are two types of things that break the fast: Physical acts such as eating and drinking Evil speech such as making false testimony, lying and drinking Evil speech will break an individual’s fast in terms of reward; although their fast will be valid they will receive less reward for the fasting. The Salaf used to say: “the easiest part...

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Lesson 1 – Ramadhaan Workshop 2018 | Abu Muadh Taqweem | Salafi Centre Manchester

  In lesson 1 of this Ramadhaan workshop, we cover the following topics with Ustaadh Abu Muadh: the day of doubt When to begin the month of fasting and when to complete the month of fasting The ruling on using calculations to check for moon sightings Making the intention before fasting The ruling on continuous fasting through the night Hastening to break the fast and its importance The difference between the fasting of the Muslims and the fasting of the people of the...

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31 – Explanation of Fiqh | Abu Humayd Saalim | Manchester

We move onto the rulings of menstruation and postnatal bleeding. A question was put forth: A woman has continuous bleeding and it either continues for the whole month or for the majority of the month. Is this considered as continuous bleeding or menstrual bleeding (as they both have different rulings)? The woman who has continuous bleeding has three situations: 1) When a woman knows the regular duration of her menstrual period. In this case the woman gives up her prayer for the duration that she would normally be upon her period. 2) When a woman doesn’t have a regular...

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