Day: December 3, 2017

18 – Explanation of Fiqh – Abu Humayd Saalim | Manchester

  The things nullifying the ablution: Whatever comes out of the stool and urine exits, such as stool wind, urine, sperm, pre-seminal fluid, and unusual menstrual blood. Stool and urine are among the direct things nullifying ablution, as when Allaah, Exalted be He, revealed the cases that obligate ablution He said: “Or one of you comes from the place of relieving himself…” (Al-Maida: 6) As for sperm and pre-seminal fluid, they nullify ablution according to the authentic hadiths reported by Ibnul-Mundhir and Al-Awsat [1/134]. Regarding istihadah (vaginal bleeding other than menstruation), it nullifies ablution according to the hadith reported...

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62 – Kitaab at-Tawheed – Uways at-Taweel | Nigeria

    The lesson on Explanation of Kitaab at-Tawheed with Uways at-Taweel today covered 4 chapters (Chapters 54 – 57): Chapter 54: One should not say “My Slave (Male or Female)” Chapter 55: Whoever asks with the Name of Allaah, is not to be rejected. Chapter 56: Nothing but Paradise should be asked for by Allaah’s Face. Chapter 57: One saying: “If only such and...

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14 – Major sins – Abu Humayd Saalim | Manchester

In the previous lesson, the chapter titled ‘what a muslim should stay away from’ was covered. The seven deadly sins were mentioned, as well as disobedience to the parents, making false testimony and backbiting. The definition of major sins and minor sins were covered, and how a major sin can be recognised.   In this lesson, Ustaadh Abu Humayd covers the topics of sihr (magic) & its types, killing and taking the wealth of orphans. Sihr (magic) is disbelief in Allaah. Shaykh Ibn Baaz (May Allaah have mercy upon him) said a magician cannot be a magician except that...

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