Today’s lesson began with a new chapter:

Chapter of the saying of Allaah:
And Allah warns you against Himself (His Punishment)” (Aale Imran V28) and His statementYou know what is in my inner-self though I do not know what is in Yours”(Al Maa’idah V116).

Benefits of the lesson include:

  • This chapter was placed following the previous chapter related to the “Dhaat” (Essence) of Allaah to show that the “Nafs” and the “Dhaat” are the same. This shows the great level of understanding of Imam Al Bukhari.
  • The differing levels of shirk (Major & Minor) and sin (Major & Minor) and their rulings. Some scholars mention that sins are a form of shirk. To find out the evidence for why they hold this, listen to next weeks lesson as this was assigned as Homework!

Hadith 1 (in this chapter):

Narrated Abdullah (Ibn Mas’ood): “The Prophet said, “There is none having a greater sense of Ghira than Allah, and for that reason He has forbidden shameful deeds and sins (illegal sexual intercourse etc.) And there is none who likes to be praised more than Allah does.”

Benefits from this hadith:

  • The establishment of “Ghayra” (roughly translates to jealousy) for Allaah.
    • From the effects of Ghayra, is anger. This hadith shows us the grave consequence of falling into Fawaahish (Shameful deeds and sins).
  • Allaah loves Praise for Him as He is Most befitting of praise.


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Recorded at the Salafi Centre of Manchester on 09/09/17 and streamed live on www.SunnahRadio.Net