In the third lesson in this Ramadan series, Ustadh Abu Humayd discusses the obligation of fasting of Ramadan and how it is known from the religion through the Quran, Sunnah and Ijmaa (consensus) as well as it being known from the religion by necessity.

He went on to mention some common issues discussed regarding the nullifiers of the fast, from them:

-Sexual intercourse and what is required from the one who falls into this.
-Ejaculation, from other than intercourse and what is required from the one who falls into this.
-Purposefully eating or drinking
-Snorting water
-Blood transfusions and taking nutrients in through the veins
-Use of Kohl and eye drops
-Use of Siwak
-Use of Toothpaste
-Lying, foul speech, etc.

The different types of people in Ramadan with regards to fasting, some are commanded to fast from the beginning, some are commanded to make it up and some have a choice.

What is the situation for the one who had a legitimate reason not to fast, but that reason leaves during the day, before maghrib. Does he refrain from eating for the rest of the day or can he continue to eat and drink?

Is it more virtuous to fast whilst travelling or break your fast? And the benefits for the one who chooses to fast.

Ustadh also mentions the importance of knowing how to deal with our brothers and sisters from Ahlus Sunnah who choose one way over another in scenarios of apparent contradictions within evidences. And brings statements from the Sahabah regarding this.

For all of this and more, listen to the audio. BaarakAllaahu Feekum.