Ustadh Abulilah Lahmami gives beautiful reminder which goes through the two conditions for an action of worship to be accepted – sincerity and that is in accordance with the example of the Prophet.

He gives an introduction which acts as prompt for the Muslim to look into their own affair, and their own actions. The speaker focuses mainly on the importance of brotherhood and its connection to taqwa.

A hadeeth which focuses on the these two conditions is clearly explained by Ustaadh Abdulilah Lahmami by using the statements of the scholars.

The importance of tawheed (belief in the oneness of Allah) and its opposite is also discussed in the audio, and how this may impact on the possibility of an action being accepted.

The teacher gives encouraging examples of the companions and of the scholars in regards to the two conditions. One which particularly softens the heart is the story of Abul Aziz Bin Baaz and his last moments. He stresses the importance of taking care of these conditions as it is the difference between the fire or paradise.

He gives a useful dua for sincerity and mentions some useful benefits from it. The speaker continues to give a firm reminder asking “What will your reckoning be like?”

To understand these two vital conditions, and to have a chance to implement them upon knowledge- listen to the audio

Courtesy of Markaz as-Salafee Loughborough @markazSalafi