Today’s lesson was a continuation of the chapter “Things Nullifying Ablution”. Shaykh Al Fawzaan made mention of some matters that the scholars have differed concerning. Ustadh Abu Humayd took each point and went into detail bringing the speech of the scholars and the varying opinions associated to them. The matters that were discussed are:

  1. Touching the penis
  2. Touching a woman lustfully
  3. Washing the body of the deceased person
  4. Apostasy

The Shaykh summarised all these matters by stating that there is a difference, and to reperform wudhu to get out of the differing is better.


In the next lesson, we will discuss the issue of “Certainty and Doubt” as it relates to being in a state of wudhu or not, in Shaa Allaah.


For the full details and benefits from this lecture, please listen to the audio, BaarakAllaahu Feekum.