In today’s lesson, we continue with the Chapter of Ablution, starting with the obligatory acts:
The Obligatory Acts of Ablution
1.Washing the whole face (including the rinsing of the mouth and the nose)
2.Washing the forearms including the elbows (& including the hands)
3.Wiping over the whole head (including the ears)
4.Washing the feet (including the ankles)
5.Sequence (of the wudhu in the previously mentioned order) *Difference of opinion*
6.Succession (without any interval between washing two organs). In a timely manner, without a pause in between as much as possible.
The scholars disagree whether starting with the Tasmiyah (saying Bismillah) is obligatory or an act of sunnah. Either way it is permissible according to all scholars to start with the Tasmiyah so it should not be abandoned.
* Shayhk Ibn Baz & Shayhk Uthaymeen mention the sequence of the ablution mentioned earlier as obligatory. Shayhk Albanee mentions that it is not obligatory.
For a more in depth discussion of every mentioned above, listen to the audio, BaarakAllaahu Feekum.